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#FeelingGoodYet? ha


by maurizio nannucci

Delight in the fact that your greater than what you already are – Poe
'Emotions help you remember key moments in your life that make you exactly who your suppose to be' – Poe

She says she loves me
She says she loves me
So she clings to me, even when I want to be left alone
But shes beautiful
Like sometimes when I have things on my mind,shes the perfect person to listen
And she only gives advise
She says she loves me
And she only gives advice
She says she loves me
Like when I wake up in the morning, shes sitting on the edge of the bed with a plate of food, wanting to feed me
She says she needs me
She says she loves me
Or like when I’m stepping out of the shower, she’s standing there with the towel, wanting to, wanting to dry me off

She says, she says she loves me
So instead of admitting that she has made another mistake
She says she loves me… and I don’t know about love

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